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Amanda explains how she made the decision to work with Van Dyke Law. She describes how she reviewed various injury lawyers online and why she made the decision to work with us. 

“Mr. Van Dyke assisted me by representing my daughter and I in a car accident which took place in Trenton Ontario on May 21, 2011. Both of us were taken to Trenton Hospital with injuries. I would describe Mr. Van Dyke as a very straightforward lawyer. He told us what to expect and explained how […]

While riding his bicycle in Kingston, Ontario, Dwight was hit and dragged by a bus. He suffered horrific injuries, including breaks and fractures to his neck, collarbone, ribs and vertebrae. Today, Dwight’s mobility is severely limited and pain continues affects him on a daily basis. Dwight’s sister had previously worked with Frank Van Dyke, when […]

Bill talks about his work-related back injury and the results achieved with Van Dyke Law.

Helen talks about her experiences working with Van Dyke Law, after she was injured.

David describes how Van Dyke Law helped him after his injury.

Shawn describes how Van Dyke Law helped him after his injury.

Donna and Celso describe how Van Dyke Law helped them when Donna acquired a disability after using a medical product.


Ed suffered a catastrophic injury while working and was denied insurance for his injuries. Van Dyke Law Office in Kingston, Ontario helped Ed get fair compensation for his personal injury.

Serge suffers chronic personal injury after being hit by a car in Toronto, Ontario. He describes how Van Dyke Law Office obtained compensation for his injuries.